Pittsfield Assembly Bus Stop Locations

Wednesday Night Bus Stops and Pick Up/Drop Off Times -

Griggsville Bus Stop Location- Square by Stage Pick Up at 6:13-6:15PM Drop Off at 8:45-8:50PM

Pittsfield Drop off: The Pittsfield route is drop off only. The bus will make stops in Pittsfield before heading to Griggsville.

OUR POLICY After the first initial ride to and from church, we require that you (parent/guardian) fill out a form releasing permission for your child (ren) to continue to ride our buses. This form must be completed and signed before a child is allowed to ride the second trip. Your child will not be allowed off the bus at a stop other than their designated town of pick up/drop off, unless we receive a phone call to the church office (Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm). The captains will carefully monitor when your child rides to and from church. We have set pick up and drop off times for your availability. We ask that you be at the bus stop approximately 5 minutes before the times listed, and please be flexible if we arrive later than expected. If there are any major delays or issues we will contact you regarding those issues. We care about each and every child that rides our bus, which is why we have carefully screened our drivers and captains. We do not allow any child under the age of 5 to ride the bus, nor do we allow any adults (other than the leaders) to ride the bus. We do invite the parents, if they choose to do so, to ride with their child one trip to see how the bus ministry operates.