Live - love - learn

Living by Reaching Out - Loving by Connecting - Learning The Word together

Pittsfield Assembly is a church dedicated to the teaching, training and sending of ministers to spread the gospel to our community and the ends of the earth.


  • PENTECOSTAL - We are a church rooted in the teaching and doctrine of the early church. We believe in the promise of the Father as the Holy Spirit, and that He empowers us for the work of the ministry. Acts 1:4
  • GENERATIONAL - We are a church that seeks to connect generationally. We believe that the younger generations have a responsibilty to honor and learn from the ones who have gone before and that likewise the older generation should invest and disciple them. Proverbs 4:10-27  
  • FAMILY - We believe that families are institutions created by God. We seek to strengthen families in a world that pulls them apart. Psalm 127:3-5   
  • MINISTRY - We believe that every believer has the responsibility to use the gifting's that God has given them to be a minister and to serve others. 1 Peter 4:10